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The early vision for 1–2 Minster Court is to deliver a new City destination that will be a landmark in sustainable design, provide globally attractive office space, with unique public access and a wider social benefit.

We are now starting our first phase of public consultation. Below are details of how you can help shape our plans.

The need for change

Uninviting public realm

Uninviting public realm

At ground floor level, the existing site offers little to the surrounding environment with uninviting public areas and poor connections to the surrounding streets and buildings. It is difficult to navigate for pedestrians and the lack of level access across the site means that it is not inclusive.

This creates the overall impression of a defensive design which is not inviting or approachable.

Views showing stepped access which restricts access throughout the site
View of the poor-quality entrance lobbies and inefficient office floor spaces
Meeting the City’s demand<br />
for high quality office space

Meeting the City’s demand for high quality office space

The emerging City Plan 2040 has identified that an increase in office floorspace of 1,200,000 m2 across the Square Mile between 2021 to 2040 is required to maintain the City’s position as a world leading financial and professional services centre. There is also greater need for high quality office space which meets the demands of businesses placing greater emphasis on sustainability and wellbeing.

Performance against future sustainability targets

Performance against
future sustainability

With imminent sustainability targets set by the Paris Agreement and M&G’s own sustainable development framework, the current performance of EPC rating D means that future significant investment is required.

Image showing out dated and inefficient ventilation systems
Flexible steel frame which could be retained or reused
Opportunities to retain large quantities of the existing structure, shown in green
Opportunity for change

Opportunity for change

The buildings have a number of characteristics which are still fit for purpose for a modern and efficient office-led development giving rise to the opportunity for retention and reuse of the existing structure. This includes the opportunities shown below:

The vision

The vision

The vision for 1-2 Minster Court is to create a new City destination, that becomes a City institution.

A re-imagined place, that will be a landmark in sustainability, have amenities to attract global talent, with unique public access and a wider social benefit.

A new public gathering space, with a roster of restaurants, offices, cafés and bars, and a programme of cultural events, representing the rich diversity of the City, that will attract workers in the week, and families, tourists and Londoners on weekends.

Core team

Public exhibition

We will be holding three events so you can view our emerging thinking for the site and speak to the team delivering the project.

A public exhibition will take place at 1 Minster Court, as indicated on the map above.

Wednesday 17 July | 4pm – 7pm

Saturday 20 July | 10am – 1pm

We will also be holding a public webinar online for those unable to attend the exhibitions.

Monday 22 July | 1pm – 2pm

Please sign up here.

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